JAARED – Charm City Jazz Hot Pick

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“Manhattan Nights”

The NEW CD from saxophonist


Manhattan Nights is a sophisticated follow-up to Jaared’s previous CD, Addiction. The new single “Always Together” was noted as the highest debut on the SmoothJazz.Com chart coming in at #36 with a bullet!



Don’t miss Jaared’s CD Release Party for


This Friday, April 2, 2010 / 8pm
Nick’s Corner Grill / Ashburn, VA 20147
$10 Cover
Attention Musicians – Agents – Managers

If you would like to have your artist featured as one of our
Contact – rharris@charmcityjazz.com

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Bohemian Caverns presents Robert Glasper Friday & Saturday, March 12-13

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Bohemian Caverns presents

Robert Glasper
Friday & Saturday, March 12-13
8:30 and 10:30 Shows
Bohemian Caverns
2001 Eleventh Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
Get Tickets

One artist, two distinct but interwoven concepts: this is the captivating logic behind Double-Booked, pianist Robert Glasper’s third album for Blue Note, following up Canvas (2005) and In My Element (2007). An artist who “unfailingly gets the feeling right” (New York Magazine), Glasper has made waves throughout the music world as leader of both the acoustic Robert Glasper Trio and the electric, hip-hop-oriented Robert Glasper Experiment. Hailed by listeners and critics, the 32- year- old Houston native has also garnered the respect of the toughest audience of all: musicians from across the jazz spectrum. Hear what the buzz is about.

Is Black Radio Poisoning Our Kids?

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Source: Black and Married with Kids / by Tara Pringle Jefferson

by Tara Pringle Jefferson

By now, if you’ve spent any time listening to a Radio One station over the past several months, you’ve heard Radio One founder Cathy Hughes screeching about how H.R. 848 The Performance Rights Act, sponsored by congressman John Conyers, will put black radio stations out of business. The bill aims to make it right with artists by making radio stations pay extra fees to play their songs.

In one camp, there’s well…Cathy Hughes, who insists that this bill REPRESENTS THE END. She’s oh so serious about this, y’all.

On the other hand, there are people who wish black radio WOULD take a leap off the deep end. I used to think they were a little extreme. Surely the songs played by black radio can’t be that bad. But then my XM radio subscription ended and before I went to re-up, I decided to listen to it and see if I could skip the $9.99 a month payments and just listen to music for free in the car.

Now? Eh, I think I’ll go back to XM.

I do not mind when artists come out with sexually explicit songs. I really don’t. They have a right to express themselves however continue reading


Poetic Induljence Hosted by Mina Holladay

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Poetic Induljence

Hosted by Mina Holladay

Indulj Restaurant & Lounge

Each and Every Tuesday

8P – 10P EST

1208 U Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

(across from Ben’s Chili Bowl)

Poetry open mic

Live band


A Dose of Dupas Open Mic Poetry TONIGHT at Shirlington Village Robeson Room

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I received the following in an email from Rebecca Dupas this morning

A Dose of Dupas Open Mic Poetry

Every Second Monday of the month from 8P – 11P EST


A brother who averages perfomances in a different city every three days, a slam champion, an amazing artist, an author, and a poet (to say the least) will feature Monday night at Open-Mic Poetry @ Busboys and Poets in Shirlington. Join us as we welcome Taalam Acey to the stage. It’s going to be a great night!


Busboys and Poets @ Shirlington Village, Robeson Room, 4251 South Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206

(703) 379-9757


How to Get a Major Label Record Deal by Optimist

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Source: http://optimist.posterous.com

This is just my opinion — follow at your own risk.

1. Create Your Company Assets
Before you can even begin going after a big record deal, you need to get your shit together!

Make a short business plan – this is a business, and being creative is just a bonus. Keep it simple and under 10 pages. Include all the basics. Band name, band members, short bios, hometowns, genres of music, who you sound like, who you want to sound like, who your fans are, who you want your fans to be, where you see yourself in 1/5/10 years, where you’ll perform (what size/type of venue), how many records you want to sell and by when, what your digital presence will be, who you need to hire, where you need to sell, how you can reach your fans, etc. If you get stuck here, just copy the items I wrote down and do those. However, I can tell you that if you can’t get past this step as a band – you’ll never make it. Brainstorm important pieces and make decisions about them – it might take more than one session. Just doing this simple exercise brings out the true business leaders and shows where everyone’s heart is centered (money, sex, camaraderie, or art typically).

Get a band agreement – who is responsible for what, who provides what, what if someone leaves, how to make decisions, who gets what, how changes to the agreement can happen, etc…there are plenty of templates available out there (but I always recommend an entertainment lawyer – not a regular lawyer). This should flow as easily as the business plan above (it won’t go easy). Sometimes a band waits on this step, until they have a band manager – simply because a manager is an unbiased person who can help mediate the agreement (more about band managers later). Sometimes a band waits on this agreement until way too late, and when they reach success someone fucks someone else – AND – everything you worked for is over instantly – AND – there’s no turning back. So get an agreement as soon continue reading


Dingell: Performance Royalty ‘Ridiculous’

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Source:  Radioink.com
March 3, 2010: House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Emeritus John Dingell (D-MI) spoke at the NAB State Leadership Dinner in Washington last night, and he came down on the NAB’s side on the Performance Rights Act, saying, “I’d like to express my opposition to legislation imposing a performance tax on broadcasters. I am concerned that such a tax would be of less benefit to recording artists than to record labels, many of which are based abroad.”

Continue reading